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June 3-4 &
June 10-12


June 13-14


June 27-28-29


2 more programs will be conducted at 2024 Please follow the announcements on this website to see the launch dates of Pakistan and global programs.


With this programme, At Arçelik, we aim to create an environment where future generations of female engineers and R&D professionals will feel encouraged and be enabled to thrive within the engineering and next-generation R&D field. Additionally, we aim to highlight the importance of Research and Development in STEM. 

We are committed to creating tangible change for women in the global technology and innovation field, as a part of the Action Coalition platform together with the Koç Group. This program enables us to support the career development of women who aspire to be engineers (university students aged between17 and 23) in the fields of R&D and Innovation at Arçelik's facilities in Romania, Pakistan and South Africa. 
We will conduct multiple local programs targeting to different countries each year. This year we aim to conduct local programs for Turkey and Pakistan, as well as global one consisting of Turkey, Romania, Pakistan and South Africa.

In line with our “Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide” vision, we have become a supporter of the Action Coalition platform established by UN Women to achieve concrete change for women and girls worldwide along with other Koç Group companies.

Our focus has been to advance gender equality in technology and innovation over the next 5 years. In this scope, we have committed to further equalising the gender employment rate in STEM at Arçelik, from 16% to 35% in global operations by 2026.

This program is applicable to all those who are currently in their third or fourth year of undergraduate studies in courses, that are relevant to engineering, science and technology. 

There is no fee to participate. 

Applications will be evaluated by experts from R&D & HR from Turkey (Arcelik), Romania (Arctic), South Africa(Defy) and Pakistan (Dawlance).

Those chosen for the WE-in Tech Turkey program will be contacted on June
13-14, 2024.

While the programme’s primary goal is to promote ‘Next Generation R&D’, we are committed to encouraging women to engage with R&D and engineering professions, therefore, only applications from female students will be considered. 

The program will start with 3-day workshop including trainings, inspirational speeches and product development teamwork ideation sessions. Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to work together with their mentors one to one for a year on the project topics they will determine 

Workshops will be conducted online this year as well.

The trainings will cover a range of topics regarding the current digital transformation and technology trends such as Design Thinking, Data Analytics, Agile and Big Data. 

As part of the Agile Project Management and Design Thinking training, participants will have the opportunity to apply their learnings through the Project Idea Generation sessions, which will be held on the second day of the programme, with a group of other participants with differing backgrounds. At the end of the 3-day workshop, groups will be required to prepare a presentation to present their project idea to Arçelik, Arctic, Defy and Dawlance employees.

Workshops will be held in Turkish for the June Turkey Program.
Workshops will be held in English for the global Program.

Mentorship will be provided for a year after the programme ends. 

Full attendance in workshops is required to receive a digital attendance certificate.

In fifth year of WE-inTech, we will conduct 3 different programmes.
First one on June at Turkey
Second one at Pakistan
Third one with global students from Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa and

We aim to continue this tradition and outreach to more countries in the
future.  Please follow the announcements on this website to see the launch
dates of Pakistan and global programs.

This year, there will be a two-stage application process. Candidates who succeed in the first stage will proceed to the second stage (English test).

May 8 Application Start
June 2 End of Stage 1
June 3-4 Stage 1 Evaluation
June 9 End of Stage 2
June 10-12 Stage 2 Evaluation
June 13-14 Announcements on Selection
June 27-28-29 WE-inTech Turkey Workshop